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※ Entrance Examination Fee: 20,000 yen

FEES 1.6 year October Intake 2 year April Intake
Enrollment Fee 50,000 50,000
First Semester Tuition and
overhead expense
370,000 370,000
Total of the First Payment 420,0000 420,0000
Second Semester Tuition and
overhead expense
370,000 370,000
Third Semester Tuition and
overhead expense
370,000 370,000
Fourth Semester Tuition and
overhead expense
/ 370,000
TOTAL 1,160,000 1,530,000

※ Payments are made in 6-month amounts twice a year.

※ Lesson material fee, insurance fee and the extracurricular activity fee are included in the overhead expense (40,000 yen for six months).

※ You will be responsible for any additional bank fees and charges.


Students who have acquired Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N5 or higher at the time of application for the entry will be exempted from the enrollment fee (50,000 yen) and entrance examination fee (20,000 yen).


In principle, any paid fees such as tuition, lesson material fee, extracurricular activity fee and so on will not be refunded. In particular, the entrance examination fee will not be refunded for any reason. In addition, no refund will be given for cancellations due to natural disasters or wars, regardless of whether you have entered Japan or not. However, in the following cases, the payment will be refunded except for the enrollment fee and entrance examination fee.

1)If an applicant who has passed the entrance examination declined the enrollment after completing the enrollment procedure and expressed his/her intention before the enrollment.

2)“Certificate of Eligibility, COE” was issued by the Ministry of Justice, but a visa was not issued by overseas diplomatic missions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

3)If a student wish to leave school due to unavoidable circumstances after enrollment, he/she must submit application for withdrawal. If the application is approved by school, your payment will be refunded by the following rules.
・We refund only tuition, do not refund overhead expense.
・We do not refund the first 6-month tuition under any condition.


(1)You must have completed 12 years of school education or equivalent courses.
(2)You must be over 18 years old.
(3)You are or will be allowed to enter Japan through legitimate procedures.
(4)You have enough funds to live in Japan after enrollment or have a financial sponsor who is able to pay expenses after entering Japan on your behalf.


※ Applicant Documents

(1)Application form (school form)
(2)Personal history (school form)
(3)Copy of diploma or graduation certificate
(4)Transcript of your last education
(5)Japanese test certificate if any
(6)Passport copy
(7)Photos (4cm×3cm)

※ Sponsor Documents

(1)Statement of financial responsibility (school form)
(2)Sponsor’s family member list (school form)
(3)Official certificate which proves the relationship with applicant
(4)Certificate of the Family Register
(5)Bank balance certificate
(6)Bank statement of the last 3 years


(1)The application documents must be filled in by the applicant or a financial sponsor and all required fields must be filled.
(2)Corrections and use of correction fluid are prohibited. If you made a mistake, you must use a new sheet.
(3)All documents prepared in a language other than Japanese must be accompanied by a Japanese translation.
(4)Other documents may be submitted separately if necessary.


April Intake October Intake
Sending application documents to Teikyo Heisei University JLS By the middle of November By the end of May
Submission of visa application to the Immigration by Teikyo Heisei University JLS Late November June
Issue of Certificate of Eligibility February August
Tuition payment
Applying for student visa at Japanese embassy or consulate
Entering Japan In the end of March In the end of September

Submission of application documents and payment of examination fee

Submit all necessary documents for the application by the due date and transfer the examination fee to the designated bank account.


Screened by the school

After receiving the documents, the enrollment will be determined by document screening. A “Notification of Acceptance” will be issued to successful applicants.


Document screening by the Immigration Bureau

‘Certificate of Eligibility’ will be issued after the document screening. The successful applicant must pay the entrance fee and tuition fees to the bank account designated by the school. Upon confirmation of the payment, we will send a ‘Certificate of Eligibility’ and Enrollment Permit to applicants.


Visa acquisition and entering to Japan

Applicant applies for student visa at the Japanese embassy or consulate in his/her country. Please note that students must submit application form for permission to engage in part-time job to immigration officer at the airport when you acquire landing permission.


Enrollment in Teikyo Heisei University JLS

Please show up at school on the dates designated by school with your passport and residence card.